What next?

So hopefully from completing the beginners price action course, you have gained a far better insight into how to trade the Forex markets correctly.

I understand there’s a lot of information to digest and I would recommend re-reading the course if you feel unsure of any areas or emailing me any questions.

Learning to a competent Forex trader holds lots of different challenges and is not something that can be carried out half heartedly, it does require a lot of dedication and requires a passion to push through the tough times to reach the eureka moments that do come in time. If, however you can see the advantages to using clean charts and simple techniques to trade with then price action trading maybe very helpful to yourself.

The next step is to consider joining the advanced membership. Here you will gain access to much more valuable information held in the advanced price action course, advanced price action forum and extra videos.

I believe this course presents a great opportunity for you to improve your trading for a relatively small fee and to start putting the odds of success in your favour by using simple price action to trade the Forex.

To find out exactly what the advanced course offers you can click on this link below

Advanced Price Action Course

I wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions or feedback, I would love to hear them.

Happy Trading

Regards Jeremy

Module 1: The Basics

Module 2: Market Analysis

Module 3: Price Action Setups

Module 4: Chart Setup

Module 5: Trade Management

Module 6:  Trade Psychology

Module 7: Continue your learning