forex times to trade

Whenever we enter a trade on the lower time frame, say the 4hr, we have to consider if it’s the best time to enter the trade and if we have the ‘right eyes watching’.

For example, if we took a 4hr setup on the EURUSD pair whilst we are trading through the Asian session would this be wise as Europe and America are not trading? I think not!

Always bear in mind which markets are open and if they can have an effect on the pair that you are looking to trade.

The best time to look for intraday setups on the 4hr charts for most pairs is:

*10.00 and 14.00 GMT (I avoid the 06.00 and 18.00 GMT).

As I am based in the UK, this makes up most of my trading with the final 10pm daily chart being my final time to check for setups.

If you are based elsewhere in the world and want to trade the Asian sessions, just make sure the pair you are trading includes either the JPY, NZD, or the AUD.

Time table for trading sessions:

London – opens at 08.00 and closes at 17.00 GMT.

US – opens at 13.00 and closes at 22.00 GMT.

Asia – opens at 22.00 and closes at 09.00 GMT.

Note: I merge the Syndey and Tokyo sessions together to make the Asian session.

The best time to trade is when two sessions overlap, purely because we have more traders moving the markets.

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