Introduction to the psychology of trading

An area which requires a lot of attention is the psychology behind trading. Being aware that your mind set plays such a crucial role in your success is vital. The complexity of trading and controlling the mind games is a serious challenge that some traders fail to conquer.

Things like; setting realistic goals, developing patience, building up discipline, controlling emotions, etc… are all factors a trader needs to develop.

To get you started, I have produced some articles which will help to guide you on the right path to gain the correct mind set, required to trade properly.

Listed below are the articles I recommend you consider reading:

Common bad habits of a Forex trader

Over trading the Forex markets

Trading the Forex with discipline

How to deal with losing trades in the Forex

Winning trades – how to keep hold of your profits

What stops a trader from pulling the trigger and entering trades – part 1

Self motivation – the key to your Forex success


Module 1: The Basics

Module 2: Market Analysis

Module 3: Price Action Setups

Module 4: Chart Setup

Module 5: Trade Management

Module 6:  Trade Psychology

Module 7: Continue your learning