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Make The Move Over To Price Action!

So here’s your chance to change the way you trade for the better. This advanced membership will give you access to all of the key facts about trading the Forex, to help turn your trading around.

I have spent the last 5 years mastering the key price action setups that give the best results, learning how to see the Forex market for what it is and breaking the illusion that trading has to be complicated and stressful because it doesn’t, keeping it simple is the way forward.

In No Way Is This A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Trading the Forex is in no way a get rich quick scheme but rather a get rich slow scheme. This is not to scare traders off but to make it clear that trading is a not a quick fix and is very much a personal journey that will take a huge amount of dedication, requiring the most valuable of resources – your time.

Get The Correct Guidance

Learning to trade is definitely a process that will challenge you and maybe cause a fair bit of frustration but with the guidance you get from the advanced membership, you will be taught how to overcome these emotions and eventually gain the correct mind set to make it a rewarding venture.

Join Today!

The fee is £149.99 for lifetime membership. If you are struggling to make consistent gains in the Forex this information will definitely help kick start your Forex journey and give you a better understanding into the ins and outs of trading the Forex.

*Please note, there are now only 20 membership places available per month!

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To Get Lifetime Membership, Join Today For Just £149.99!!


The Advanced Price Action Course

The price action course is set out in a modular format and broken down into 6 individual modules. It is designed to teach traders where to start looking for trades to form and what price action setups to use. The course explains how to enter each of the setups I use and how to manage each trade depending on the market conditions. Trading requires strict rules and consistency and this is what you will learn from this course.

The psychology side of trading is also an area that will need your attention and the course goes through how to gain the correct mindset to remove emotion from trading and stop sabotaging live trades.

Price Action Course Modules

price action course

Module 1/Introduction

This module covers the basics to get your charts set up correctly with Metatrader 5 and includes:

  1. An introduction to the course
  2. How to setup the charting platform correctly
  3. Why price action is the best way to trade the Forex
  4. Forex trading terminology
  5. Begin with demo trading
  6. Time frames

Module 2/Chart Analysis

This module includes:

  1. How to mark support and resistance levels
  2. Additional support and resistance
  3. How to determine the type of market a pair is in
  4. What are swing trades
  5. What are range trades
  6. What are breakout trades
  7. How to enter trades from lower time frames using daily levels
  8. Trend Vs counter trend trades
  9. How Fibonacci retracements can help with our analysis
  10. Why traffic and space influence trades.

Module 3/Price Action Setups

This module includes:

  1. Why the size of the price action setup is a key factor
  2. The pin bar setup
  3. How to enter a pin bar setup
  4. The engulfing bar setup
  5. How to enter an engulfing bar setup
  6. The inside bar breakout setup
  7. How to enter a breakout setup
  8. The sandwich combo setup
  9. How to enter the sandwich combo setup

Module 4/Trade Management

This module goes through:

  1. How to write a trade plan
  2. How to manage each trade
  3. First trouble areas
  4. First trouble area checking tool
  5. Stop loss placement
  6. Placing take profits
  7. Trading rules
  8. Trade checklist
  9. Stop loss buffer
  10. When to stay out of the markets

Module 5/Money Management

This module includes:

  1. Risk management
  2. Position sizing
  3. Over exposure
  4. Funding an account and going live
  5. Choosing your broker
  6. Potential profits.

Module 6/Trade Psychology

This is a very important module as our mindset is the key to reaching our potential, it includes:

  1. Introduction to trade psychology
  2. Over trading
  3. Getting in the correct mindset
  4. My trading routine

Access To Advanced Price Action Forum

forum 2My advanced trading course gives you access to all of the relevant information required to learn how to trade the Forex properly but another key benefit to joining, is gaining the ability to become part of a price action community. Being able to talk to other price action traders with the same aspirations is such a huge bonus and knowing you have more than one set of eyes looking at the markets for price action setups is a great asset.

I believe forums can be a very powerful learning tool and this is the main reason I setup the advanced price action forum. The forum is designed to be focused purely on price action trades with no other influences allowed, such as any news release analysis, indicators, etc….
From my personal experiences on forums, the biggest issue is getting the balance correct and I am aware of the problems that can arise when a forum gets too large.

My opinion is that a forum can lose its edge when there are too many traders in one place, resulting in the focus of the forum to be lost. This is not the fault of the traders themselves but down to simple over population issues, creating unnecessary background noise.

To try to counteract this problem, I have decided to set a limit on the number of traders who can join the advanced membership/forum each month, to a maximum of 20.

Making this a much more exclusive forum to learn how to trade with price action and allowing me to spread my time more efficiently, enabling me to help both the new members as well as the established members.

Of course the forum will also enable you to see my personal trades, including where I place my stop loss, entry and take profit levels.

N.B. I do not expect every new member to be an active member on the forum and understand that some traders simply don’t want to actively post and would rather just watch on the side lines. This is not a problem and I would never force anyone to participate.

Advanced Members Videos

The advanced members videos are designed to help explain how I trade the Forex and work hand in hand with the price action course to speed up the process of learning to trade using price action.

Here’s an example of an advanced video, going through how we can spot first trouble areas to protect ourselves from price reversing against us.

Email Support

email supportI understand some members may prefer to ask questions on a more one to one basis rather than on say the forum and that is why I offer 24/7 email support. If you do have a question or something you can’t quite get straight in your head, send it over and I will answer it as promptly as possible.

I understand every member is unique and will have slightly different issues to work on and I assure you I am fully committed to getting you to all see the markets in the right light.

My Goal

My goal here is to give every trader who joins the discipline and consistency they need to start believing they can make consistent profits from the Forex.

Teaching you how to become super picky with regards to choosing your trades and where you should be looking for trades. Where to look for trend trades and where to look for counter trend trades, etc…. You will basically learn where to find and take the high probability trades from but also when it’s best to stay out of the markets.

Its not just about learning how to trade the price action setups correctly at I will also focus on and help you train your mind to think like a professional trader.

I know if you are just starting out or have been trading for a while the knowledge I have included will open your eyes to why maybe you have been unable to gain consistent profits from the Forex.

Learning the skills I have obtained will mean you can either make a nice second income and keep your day job or turn it into a full time profession.

If I can do it, so can you!

I also relish the challenge of teaching new traders how to trade correctly, its a two way street I guess. With the more traders I help, the better I get at relaying my knowledge.

Join Today!

The fee is £149.99 for lifetime membership. If you are struggling to make consistent gains in the Forex this information will definitely help kick start your Forex journey and give you a better understanding into the ins and outs of trading the Forex.

*Please note, there are now only 20 membership places available per month!

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To Get Lifetime Membership, Join Today For Just £149.99!!

This is not a trading signal service

I’m not offering a trading signal service because this is not what I am about, I want to help aspiring traders learn how to trade the Forex for themselves and hopefully develop them into individual traders who have their own style but with the core basics they need to progress.
If you are serious about learning how to trade the Forex and want to speed up your learning curve, you definitely need to know the information I have included in the advanced membership. I believe it will be the most profitable £149.99 you will ever spend.
Got any questions, fire away!
I will be all too happy to answer any questions you have regarding the advanced membership.