Let Me Analyse Your Latest Forex Trade For FREE!!!

trade analysis imageThis free service is to designed to help you get valuable feedback on your latest trades. Highlighting any potential weaknesses or flaws and suggesting corrective measures to eradicate them from your trading.

It will also help you to understand what your strengths are and so in turn help determine what areas of your trading that need to be improved upon.


What do I need from you

For me to analyse your latest trade, I require a simple annotated image of your latest trade. If you are unsure of how to do this, the easiest and quickest way to capture a chart image is to use a free program from techsmith called “jing“. Its very easy to use and with a simple Google search you will have it running in no time.

It will enable you to capture an image of any chart you wish analysed and add annotations.

What information should you include:

The Forex pair, the time frame, the setup you took (highlighted preferably), your stop loss, entry point and your take profit levels will need to be noted on the chart.

If you want to include a more detailed text description, please include this in the email.

Below is an example of what the chart should look like:




Once you have the chart properly annotated, send it to my email – jeremy31@dontlettheforexdriveyouupthewall.com, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Like I have said this is a free service but I do ask you not to send me more than one chart at a time, to enable me to respond in a timely manner.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s a winning or losing trade, we can learn and improve our trading from both outcomes.

What will you get back from the analysis

I will analysis each chart, listing the pros and cons of each trade. Explaining where the trade could have been improved or modified to increase profits or reduce risk.

The feedback should give you a better idea of what areas of your trading you need to improve on and what you are doing well.

The key to progress for any trader is to constantly keep analysing your previous trades to help recognise and correct any weaknesses that you may possess, this free service should help you with this process and in turn keep you on the right track.