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How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?

How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?
How much time do you actually need to spend in front of the charts, sitting watching the Forex markets? I’m sure many of us at the beginning of our […]

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Forex Counter Trend Trading With Price Action

Does The Trend Really Matter?
We’ve all heard of the saying “the trend is your friend” but the entire saying goes “the trend is your friend, until the end when it bends” and this second […]

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Hunting For Forex Price Action Signals Using Lower Time Frames

The Hunt Begins!

When you turn on your charts, do you instantly know where to look for high probability trades to form, do you know how to use the different time frames to increase the […]

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The Art of Marking Support and Resistance Levels

Why is marking support and resistance levels so important?
Do you struggle with the process of marking your support and resistance levels? The process can be one that confuses lots of traders but in this […]

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Why Is a Forex Trade Plan So Important?

Do you ever enter a trade without a trade plan in place? Or find yourself second guessing every decision you make whilst in a live trade. If so this article maybe of some interest […]

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What Stops A Trader From Pulling The Trigger And Entering A Forex Trade? – PART 1

What Stops A Trader From Pulling The Trigger And Entering A Forex Trade? – PART 1

Why do some traders have such a hard time entering live trades? To break this article up and make […]

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