Heads Up Review

Heads Up 13/09/2015

Hi members, apologises for the lack of a “heads up” post last week but I was unable to post one up due to being away. After a week away from the charts and looking through my pairs, there are a few charts I think we should be watching this week. Below are the pairs […]

Heads Up 31/08/2015

Hi members, due to the Summer Bank Holiday here in the UK this post has been released a day later than normal. So what have we got to look for this week? Well after the markets quick and dramatic response to China’s decision to cut interest rates which caused some pretty large moves last […]

Heads Up 23/08/2015

Hi members, the markets made some strong moves towards the end of last week with price breaking through some key levels, which is great to see. This means we now have many, many pairs to keep an eye this coming week as you can see from the charts listed below. I will be setting […]

Heads Up 16/08/2015

Hi members,so where should we be looking this week? Well the majority of pairs which interest me are currently stuck in ranges. So, basically they are moving sideways being contained by an upper and lower boundary (level). Now when it comes to levels which are tested repeatedly my view is that the level weakens […]

Heads Up 09/08/2015

Hi members, expecting some trade setups this week with lots of different pairs to watch this coming week. As per usual I will set price alerts at all of the highlighted levels on each of the pairs listed below. This saves me a huge amount of time and allows me to focus on each […]

Heads Up 02/08/2015

Hi members, so the Summer Holiday period begins and with this in mind we must appreciate that the markets will tend to slow down due to many more traders taking time off work to enjoy holidays, etc.. I too with three young children tend to spend far less time at the charts and focus […]

Heads Up 19/07/2015

Hi members, patience is a key attribute which all traders require and this is especially true when we have periods of tricky trading that result in the markets producing messy and awkward looking charts (chop) and making finding trades a lot harder. By holding firm and waiting for price to reach or break through […]

Heads Up 12/07/2015

Hi members, with all the troubles in China and Greece it’s understandable that the markets and its traders are very nervous and we can of course see this relayed clearly onto our charts, producing lots of choppy and messy Forex pairs. When these conditions exist we must try to avoid any messy pairs and […]

Heads Up 05/07/2015

Hi Members, firstly I’d like to welcome all the new members who joined last week and although the markets are very weak right now with all the chaos in the Euro zone and Greece looking like rejecting the bailout, we must still keep learning and evolving together and remain focused on finding the trades […]

Heads Up 28/06/2015

Hi members, expecting a dangerous trading week ahead with the Greece turmoil and uncertainty over whether or not it will remain in the Euro. My advice concerning any Euro based pairs is to just watch and avoid trading them until things are resolved. I do have some pairs for you which I feel are […]