Forex Radar

AUD/CHF Breaks To The Upside 04/08/2015

For the last month the Aud/Chf has been trading sideways and when I see price moving in this manner on the charts I prefer to wait and see whether the upper or lower boundary of the range is broken. Today price on the Aud/Chf has broken through the higher boundary of the range and […]

USD/CAD Breaks Resistance 17/07/2015

Since mid June the USD/CAD has been moving strongly upwards and now it has broken through a pretty strong daily key resistance level of 1.27823, clearly as this level has been able to prevent price breaking through in the past and with it now trading above this level the best thing to do is […]

AUD/USD At Key Level 18/06/2015

The Aud/Usd is a pair I am currently keeping my eye on and if we look at the 4hr chart below price has been moving sideways and stuck in a range. Price is currently trading at the top of the range and I am keen for price to break above this level and then […]

USD/JPY approaching key level 10/06/2015

The Usd/Jpy broke higher and through a key resistance level (121.719) last month and after it pushed on higher we can now see price is retracing back down to this key level. What we should be looking for now is what happens to price if it does manage to fall lower and test this […]

EUR/CAD Looking To Break Out 02/06/2015

The Eur/Cad has been on my radar this week and I was keen to see if price would be able to break out and push higher through 1.3757, currently it is trading above this level and I would recommend checking the lower time frames on this pair to see if price can produce a […]

EUR/USD Hunting 27/05/2015

The Eur/Usd has fallen below a key level and I will now be looking for bearish price action signals back at this level if price decides to retest this key level. Pretty simple stuff, wait for a level to break on the daily charts and then drop down to lower time frames to hunt […]

USD/JPY Breaks Higher 26/05/2015

The Usd/Jpy has now broken above the key resistance level of 121.719 and we should all be watching to see if price pulls back to this key level and produces any large bullish price action on the lower time frames. We should also bear in mind that the daily candle is still nowhere near […]

USD/CAD Very Close 26/05/2015

The Usd/Cad has been on my radar ever since it broke below 1.24069 and now after the push lower and the pullback price is getting very close to retesting this old support level. If price does retest this level and produce a large bearish price action signal to indicate the level is now acting […]

GBP/USD touches key support 19/05/2015

The GBP/USD has now pulled back down to a key support level (1.5500) after the bullish push higher last week. I will be watching this on the lower time frames and below is the 4hr chart which is a good starting point to hunt for bullish price action signal like a bullish pin bar […]

GBP/USD continues higher 12/05/2015

The GBP/USD has continued to push higher and on the chart below which is the daily time frame I have marked two levels in red the upper level is where I’d expect to see price struggle and maybe get pushed lower from. The lower level in red which is also highlighted in yellow is […]