My Journey So Far

Who Am I?

photo of my family

Hello fellow traders. My name is Jeremy Poor, I’m 35 years old and based in South Wales (UK).

I decided to launch this website for two reasons:

  1. To get every little scrap of Forex knowledge I have onto one place.
  2. To help new aspiring Forex traders who want to learn more about price action and make a profit through competent trading.

I first started trading in 2009 with the stock markets and AIM shares, luckily this then opened up the world of the Forex markets to me. Up until that point I didn’t have a clue what the Forex was or that it could be traded by individuals. The Forex instantly appealed to me because I found a real passion for technical trading, I found stock trading relied heavily on fundamental analysis and this was just not my cup of tea.

So I switched my attentions to the Forex markets and soon became extremely focused and dedicated on understanding how the Forex worked. I used this enthusiasm and studied like crazy, spending hours upon hours on the web, trying to find out information to help me understand what makes the Forex markets tick.

Like many new traders do, I fell in love with indicators and relied solely on them to make all my trade decisions but after a while I found they just didn’t seem to get me the results I wanted and I felt that there must be a better way to trade. I struggled for a long time switching from one style to another but eventually discovered price action.

Who has helped me on the way?

My Forex journey with price action started off with Nial Fuller, a well known price action trader, soon after I  progressed over to Johnathon Fox. I joined Johnathon when he started his first blog with only a handful of traders. I became one of his senior master traders on his ever growing website. This experience taught me a thing or two about helping traders to make positive steps to improve their trading careers.

Having a mentor or guiding hand to show us the right paths to take is vital but ultimately there comes a point where the responsibility to learn rests solely on our own shoulders. This is important for you to understand, if you expect to be hand fed and all the answers to fall into your lap, you are going to be disappointed. To become a competent trader requires patience, discipline and determination to succeed and these attributes must come from you.

What I hope to achieve.

I understand the frustrations and eagerness all new traders experience trying to get to grips with what the Forex markets are all about  – I’ve been there myself!!

So, I hope this website gives you not only the knowledge to trade the Forex with price action properly but to also give you the drive and support to push on through the sweat and tears and not give up.

The idea of becoming a Forex trader is a very attractive notion and yes it can be a highly lucrative business or just a nice little second income but turning that notion into reality is the where the hard work comes into play.

Through my experiences however, I’ve learnt the many pitfalls traders can fall into. To help you avoid these hurdles and to help you learn how to trade the Forex successfully with as little pain as possible, I plan to share my expertise and knowledge with you. Showing you where to look for the right trades and how to remove the weaker traders from your trading.

I am constantly updating the website, adding new articles and videos.  The free beginners price action course is designed to give every trader the best start to their careers. If you find you want to learn more and really get to grips with price action trading, you can take out the advanced membership and in turn become a member of the Price action forum. The advanced course will help you with crucial trading techniques including entry, exit and take profits for all of my price action setups, where to look for trades to form and on what time frames.

I would recommend you subscribe to the free updates, to keep you informed of any new material, posts added to the site.

How do I trade?

My trading mainly involves taking swing trades using price action reversal setups, I do have one technique regarding breakout trades but 95% of my trading consists of swing trades. I use horizontal support and resistance levels to look for trades and price action setups to enter trades. All my profit taking strategies have been configured and tailored to my personal liking, to take consistent profits from the markets.

The key to gaining consistent results is to focus first on where to look for the high probability trades i.e the best places to trade from, and then using the price action setups to act as the trigger to get into a trade.

My main rule in trading is to keep things as simple as possible using the price action to give me the information for all my trading decisions, being logical and patient gives me my edge over the market.

I trade mainly off daily charts but will go as low as the 1hr charts if I think necessary.

Here’s an example of what my charts look like:

The chart shows a simple swing reversal trade, using the previous price action I am able to protect myself to prevent unnecessary risk on the trade. Any trade has the potential to be a winner or a loser, no one has control over this factor but if you can take high probability trades consistently, the odds begin to fall in your favour.