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  • CHF/JPY 12hr Produces A Pin Bar 19/09/2014

CHF/JPY 12hr Produces A Pin Bar 19/09/2014

The CHF/JPY 12hr chart printed a very strong pin bar at a key level earlier this morning. Yes price had been moving strongly up recently and the pin bar was counter […]

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 Here at dontlettheforexdriveyouupthewall the aim is to get you to see the real truth about the Forex markets. Price action trading is all about price and how you can learn to read the charts correctly using the candlesticks that get printed, without the need for any indicators.


 Price action trading is a technique that enables you to analyse the Forex markets accurately and consistently to find those high probability trades. Through years of learning how to read price action properly, I will teach you where to hunt for those high probability trades.

Mastering how to read the charts properly is only half the battle and learning to control your emotions and having the correct mind set and discipline is an area you will develop by joining this community. Understanding the fact that the markets repeat themselves over and over due to human participation enables you to gain your edge over the markets.

With the free beginners price action course, advanced price action course and forum, free trade analysis, plus lots of free educational Forex articles and videos you will soon begin to understand how trading doesn’t have to drive you up the wall but can be very profitable, satisfying and stress free.

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  • Heads Up 21/09/2014

Heads Up 21/09/2014

Evening traders, so last Friday we saw the market throw up some fairly attractive daily pin bars on a few of the GBP pairs. Hopefully, this could be the start of […]

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  • AUD/USD breaks lower 22/09/2014

AUD/USD breaks lower 22/09/2014

This morning the AUD/USD has broken lower below a key support level I had on my radar. I wouldn’t be surprised if price continued to fall a little further to the […]

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pulling the trigger

Why do some traders have such a hard time entering live trades? To break this article up and make it easier to digest I will be publishing it in two parts. The first part of this article will discuss the issues that prevent a trader from actually pulling the trigger and entering live trades.

time frames

Meta Trader is one of the most popular trading platforms used by traders across the world, with MT4 by far the most popular choice. So why choose to use MT5 instead of MT4? To look at, both platforms are very similar indeed, but what separates the two apart is that Meta Trader 5 offers…

keep your feet on the ground

It is very common to read about how losing trades can have an adverse effect on your trading and how hard it can be to get out of a rut. The question I want to raise in this article is whether or not it is possible for winning trades to also produce adverse effects on your trading?


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