DontLetTheForexDriveYouUpTheWall will teach you how to trade the Forex markets using simple price action analysis, without the need for any complicated indicators. By using 4 simple price action signals and key horizontal support and resistance levels you will learn how to hunt for trade setups where the odds are put back in your favour. Check out the latest Forex Price action trading technical analysis updates below.

Latest Forex Price Action Articles

  • How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?

How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?

How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?
How much time do you actually need to spend in front of the charts, sitting watching the Forex markets? I’m sure many of us at the […]

  • Forex Counter Trend Trading With Price Action

Forex Counter Trend Trading With Price Action

Does The Trend Really Matter?
We’ve all heard of the saying “the trend is your friend” but the entire saying goes “the trend is your friend, until the end when it bends” […]

  • The Art of Marking Support and Resistance Levels

The Art of Marking Support and Resistance Levels

Why is marking support and resistance levels so important?
Do you struggle with the process of marking your support and resistance levels? The process can be one that confuses lots of traders […]

Latest Forex Market Analysis

  • USD/CAD breaks support 16/04/2015

USD/CAD breaks support 16/04/2015

The Usd/cad has been in a consolidation phase moving basically sideways but now the market has dropped below the low of this range and so it makes perfect sense to keep an eye open for any bearish price action […]

  • EUR/JPY breaks lower 14/04/2015

EUR/JPY breaks lower 14/04/2015

Watching the Eur/jpy and can see that a strong daily support level (127.425) has been broken. When a pair is trending lower we should mainly be looking for trades to form back at support levels which have been broken. […]

  • EUR/NZD breaks lower 09/04/2015

EUR/NZD breaks lower 09/04/2015

The EUR/NZD pair has been falling lower and lower since December 2013 and more recently it looked to have found support at 1.42792 but today price has managed to break below this key daily level. The way I go […]

  • USD/CAD touches down on key support 08/04/2015

USD/CAD touches down on key support 08/04/2015

Looking at the USD/CAD on the daily chart we can see that price has been stuck in a range, on the chart below I have marked the upper and lower key levels of the range. Currently price is testing […]

Advanced Members Weekly Heads Up

  • Heads Up 19/04/2015

Heads Up 19/04/2015

Hi members, after a very hectic and exhausting last week which I will explain over in the forum in more detail, the Forex pairs which I feel are worth keeping an eye on this week are shown below. The levels highlighted […]

  • Heads Up 12/04/2015

Heads Up 12/04/2015

Hi members, we’ve had some strong levels broken on a few pairs at the end of last week, which I have highlighted in this weeks heads up and I will be watching these pairs closely to see if we get any […]

  • Heads Up 06/04/2015

Heads Up 06/04/2015

Hi members, scanning through my pairs this evening and I am noticing a high percentage of the pairs which are looking quite messy and really not very attractive charts to be trading from. The reason I follow a high number of […]

  • Heads Up 29/03/2015

Heads Up 29/03/2015

Hi members, with the clocks jumping forward 1hr today here in the UK we are now back in sink with the 10pm daily New York close, which is great. Looking to this week ahead the Forex pair which closed right on […]

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