DontLetTheForexDriveYouUpTheWall will teach you how to trade the Forex markets using simple price action analysis, without the need for any complicated indicators. By using 4 simple price action signals and key horizontal support and resistance levels you will learn how to hunt for trade setups where the odds are put back in your favour. Check out the latest Forex Price action trading technical analysis updates below.

Latest Forex Price Action Articles

  • How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?

How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?

How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?
How much time do you actually need to spend in front of the charts, sitting watching the Forex markets? I’m sure many of us at the […]

  • Forex Counter Trend Trading With Price Action

Forex Counter Trend Trading With Price Action

Does The Trend Really Matter?
We’ve all heard of the saying “the trend is your friend” but the entire saying goes “the trend is your friend, until the end when it bends” […]

  • The Art of Marking Support and Resistance Levels

The Art of Marking Support and Resistance Levels

Why is marking support and resistance levels so important?
Do you struggle with the process of marking your support and resistance levels? The process can be one that confuses lots of traders […]

Latest Forex Market Analysis

  • AUD/CHF Breaks To The Upside 04/08/2015

AUD/CHF Breaks To The Upside 04/08/2015

For the last month the Aud/Chf has been trading sideways and when I see price moving in this manner on the charts I prefer to wait and see whether the upper or lower boundary of the range is broken. […]

  • USD/CAD Breaks Resistance 17/07/2015

USD/CAD Breaks Resistance 17/07/2015

Since mid June the USD/CAD has been moving strongly upwards and now it has broken through a pretty strong daily key resistance level of 1.27823, clearly as this level has been able to prevent price breaking through in the […]

  • AUD/USD At Key Level 18/06/2015

AUD/USD At Key Level 18/06/2015

The Aud/Usd is a pair I am currently keeping my eye on and if we look at the 4hr chart below price has been moving sideways and stuck in a range. Price is currently trading at the top of […]

  • USD/JPY approaching key level 10/06/2015

USD/JPY approaching key level 10/06/2015

The Usd/Jpy broke higher and through a key resistance level (121.719) last month and after it pushed on higher we can now see price is retracing back down to this key level. What we should be looking for now […]

Advanced Members Weekly Heads Up

  • Heads Up 13/09/2015

Heads Up 13/09/2015

Hi members, apologises for the lack of a “heads up” post last week but I was unable to post one up due to being away. After a week away from the charts and looking through my pairs, there are a few […]

  • Heads Up 31/08/2015

Heads Up 31/08/2015

Hi members, due to the Summer Bank Holiday here in the UK this post has been released a day later than normal. So what have we got to look for this week? Well after the markets quick and dramatic response to […]

  • Heads Up 23/08/2015

Heads Up 23/08/2015

Hi members, the markets made some strong moves towards the end of last week with price breaking through some key levels, which is great to see. This means we now have many, many pairs to keep an eye this coming week […]

  • Heads Up 16/08/2015

Heads Up 16/08/2015

Hi members,so where should we be looking this week? Well the majority of pairs which interest me are currently stuck in ranges. So, basically they are moving sideways being contained by an upper and lower boundary (level). Now when it comes […]

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