DontLetTheForexDriveYouUpTheWall will teach you how to trade the Forex markets using simple price action analysis, without the need for any complicated indicators. By using 4 simple price action signals and key horizontal support and resistance levels you will learn how to hunt for trade setups where the odds are put back in your favour. Check out the latest Forex Price action trading technical analysis updates below.

Latest Forex Price Action Articles

  • How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?

How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?

How Time Consuming is Forex Trading?
How much time do you actually need to spend in front of the charts, sitting watching the Forex markets? I’m sure many of us at the […]

  • Forex Counter Trend Trading With Price Action

Forex Counter Trend Trading With Price Action

Does The Trend Really Matter?
We’ve all heard of the saying “the trend is your friend” but the entire saying goes “the trend is your friend, until the end when it bends” […]

  • The Art of Marking Support and Resistance Levels

The Art of Marking Support and Resistance Levels

Why is marking support and resistance levels so important?
Do you struggle with the process of marking your support and resistance levels? The process can be one that confuses lots of traders […]

Latest Forex Market Analysis

  • GBP/USD touches key support 19/05/2015

GBP/USD touches key support 19/05/2015

The GBP/USD has now pulled back down to a key support level (1.5500) after the bullish push higher last week. I will be watching this on the lower time frames and below is the 4hr chart which is a […]

  • GBP/USD continues higher 12/05/2015

GBP/USD continues higher 12/05/2015

The GBP/USD has continued to push higher and on the chart below which is the daily time frame I have marked two levels in red the upper level is where I’d expect to see price struggle and maybe get […]

  • Aud/Usd enters hunting zone 30/04/2015

Aud/Usd enters hunting zone 30/04/2015

Watching the Aud/usd on the lower time frames currently as it approaches a key level at which I would be keen to see a bullish price action signal to get long. In my last post I highlighted this level […]

  • Aud/usd breaks higher 28/04/2015

Aud/usd breaks higher 28/04/2015

The Aud/usd which has been range bound for awhile now, trading inbetween 0.78800 and 0.75850 looks like it may be breaking higher out of this range. Currently looking at the daily candle we can see price is trading above […]

Advanced Members Weekly Heads Up

  • Heads Up 17/05/2015

Heads Up 17/05/2015

Hi members, this week I am excited to be able to highlight a lot more Forex pairs for us to keep an eye on compared to the last few weeks. Each pair I have included is either approaching or testing strong […]

  • Heads Up 10/05/2015

Heads Up 10/05/2015

Hi members, after last weeks elections here in the UK on Thursday it really highlights an important point regarding when not to enter certain currency pairs when important events are taking place. I highlighted the large BEEB which formed on the […]

  • Heads Up 04/05/2015

Heads Up 04/05/2015

Hi members, the heads up is a day late due to the Bank holiday here in the UK and when one of the big economies has a day off we tend to get a very weak day of trading. Today was […]

  • Heads Up 26/04/2015

Heads Up 26/04/2015

Hi members, for the last two weeks I have been way too busy with family issues to do any trading whatsoever and this raises an important issue regarding when should we step aside and not trade the markets. I have a […]

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